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Cassie Craves More Weenie

The delectable Cassie Youthful is a prime, Grade A rib of beef on any guy's hearty menu. Dressed and acting, according to the dictums of Legal Maturity Teenager Vigour, however, this babe's beyond that- Cassie's a magnetic raunchy lore that Parisian lords, Italian aristocrats and American mobsters would find hard to resist, yet, would action very stupidly and insecure around. Such fellows, rather than risk out and out rejection, would cut out the middle guy and pay handsomely to have Cassie's mellow, tasty a-hole planted on their faces. And Cassie would behave accordingly. When guys with that tingle in their balls and weight in their wallets see eye to eye suit on to her, Cassie knows exactly what to do. That Babe dons the mask of a bewildered cheerleader, acting oblivious to the raunchy innuendo. Don't be fooled. It's part of the intricate Legal Maturity Teenager Force strategem designed for bigger and more excellent paydays.


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Pierced blonde Melanie Monroe is..

This is a tale about a fair maiden who preferred the handsomer males. A story about a mad scientist nerd who developed a potion that could make him more good looking and strong. After asking the lovely lady many times for a date the nerd comes to a conclusion to take the potion for the first time. That Guy was hopeless and wanted to lose his virginity one time and for all. After being rejected the last time this guy goes back to his humble residence and drinks the entire potion down. Moments later the transformation is complete! This Chab returns to the fair maidens quarters and just as this guy planned this babe started engulfing the white right out of his ramrod! This episode has a twist ending u want to miss. Have A Fun!


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